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 Yoho National Park 1, Canada

Trafalgar Tours is our tour operator for the month of March.

Since its inception in 1947, Trafalgar Tours is often referred to as the world’s preferred guided holiday provider. With amazing destinations to Europe, the US, Canada, South America, Lyon 1, FranceAustralia, New Zealand, China and Great Britain it is no wonder that they have accompanied, accommodated and entertained over two million holidaymakers worldwide.

Trafalgar’s strong dedication to excellence, dependability and value, ensure that all their clients relax and journey with absolute confidence. Having over six decades of skill, as a foundation, ensures Trafalgar have refined their passengers’ experience of escorted travel. Their holiday destinations are vast and varied highlighting over 200 vibrant and remarkable destinations, all intended to provide you with an exceptional and memorable vacation.

Have a look at some of the reasons to embark on a Trafalgar holiday:

  • They have the finest Tour Directors in the industry to help you make the most of every moment
  • You will stay in quality hotels, carefully selected and monitored by their Quality Control teamMoscow 1, Russia
  • You will travel in modern and comfortable coaches
  • Trains or ships you may travel in will be of the same high standard
  • You will enjoy authentic cultural experiences
  • Culinary treats and local gastronomic delights
  • You will experience all the ‘must-see’ attractions without the long lines
  • They will share with you some amazing hidden treasures
  • They always have Last Minute Deals so keep your eye on our website

Below is a tiny slice of some of the amazing journeys, presented by Trafalgar Travel, for 2013 and they presently included their famed Last Minute Deals too:

Right Across EuropeWashington D. C. 1, USA
Italian Concerto – 11 days
Wonderful France – 9 days
Wonders of St. Petersburg and Moscow – 8 days

From North through South America
Canada’s Rockies – 7 days
Historic Highlights – 8 days
Panama The Canal and Beyond – 8 days

For an in depth view of Trafalgar Tour’s thrilling 2013/14 destinations and itineraries, and to save yourself 10% off the brochure price, visit us on or call our pleasant and experienced staff on 0844 822 8338 today!


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